Hosiden Develops Touchless Panel with Ultraleap Technology

Posted; September 17, 2020

17 September 2020Hosiden, a leading Japanese electronics company, has launched a touchless screen panel using Ultraleap technology.

As a key technology provider to the automotive, commercial and industrial industries, Hosiden is acutely aware of consumer sensitivities to touching shared surfaces. Hosiden’s “Air Force Feedback Touch Panel” delivers mid-air control of electronic systems. Mid-air tactile feedback is added using Ultraleap’s technologies, removing the need for users to touch the screen surface.

Hosiden’s Air Force Feedback Touch Panel

Hosiden touchless panel with Ultraleap haptic technology

Hosiden’s touchless panel can operate simple controls like ‘on/off’, as well as more complex selections and interactions. A key innovation of the panel is the ‘Air Force Feedback’. Users receive a sensation at their fingertips to confirm that their command had been received, both enhancing the experience and minimising distraction. Developers of the panel can configure the haptic effects to best match the application including helping users to recognise individual controls without looking at the screen.

Steve Cliffe, CEO at Ultraleap, said: “We’re seeing a huge demand for touchless solutions as public awareness grows. Hosiden has produced a solution using our technology that not only addresses this risk but provides an intuitive, premium user experience. We’re looking forward to seeing how their customers build this technology into existing and new products.”

Hosiden initially expect to see their touchless panel integrated into products that require non-contact operation such as transit, ticketing, toilets, elevators, ATMs, and factory / office automation equipment, as well as forming the basis of future automotive control systems.

Ultraleap and Hosiden logos

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