Quantifying the value interactivity adds to DOOH [Whitepaper]

Large-scale research in a major movie theatre analyzing how out-of-home screens with touchless interactivity outperform static screens.

Ultraleap DOOH whitepaper cover

Almost every prediction points to interactive advertising as a key trend in DOOH. There are very few studies, however, actually quantifying the impact of interactivity in DOOH. Using Ultraleap's touchless technologies (hand tracking and mid-air haptics), our large-scale, in-depth research analyzes how interactivity moves the needle on a range of key metrics.  

What's Included

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  • Analysis of the impact of interactivity on conversion ratio, dwell time, attention time, attraction ratio, brand awareness, ad recall, and purchase intent 
  • Analysis of how interactive DOOH in lobby areas affects the visitor experience  
  • A new way of measuring how actionable a DOOH campaign is 
  • Directional estimates of sales uplift  

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