We’re redefining interaction in digital out-of-home

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Reach into the next dimension of engagement

Ultraleap's technology in out-of-home
No touchscreens. No controllers. Transform any 2D screen into an intuitive 3D experience you can interact with using just your hands. Contactless, natural, memorable, emotional.

Discover the possibilities

Japanese group interacting with digital ooh screen

Virtual touch, real results

Put actual touch into brand touchpoints in out-of-home with virtual touch effects. Touchable 3D holograms, bubbles, lightning, magical sparkles, and interface controls. They’re proven to have a measurable impact on brand perceptions, user engagement, and purchase intent.
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Tracking takes out-of-home interactivity to the next level

Being able to interact with digital content using natural movements and gestures surprises and delights customers. Our interactive out-of-home advertising significantly outperforms static screens on dwell time, attention time, and ad recall.
Hand interacting with digital screen

Contactless out-of-home interaction

It’s hard to beat mid-air interaction for hygiene. Reassure customers by enabling them to interact without touching screens in public locations.

The results so far

Interactive out-of-home screens outperform static screens across the board. Mid-air haptics has also been proved to add significant value over and above hand tracking alone.
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brand awareness
more likely to purchase

The future of digital out-of-home is here

“[Ultraleap’s] technology brings a truly unique mid-air haptic interface to our products, enabling a new and exciting way to interact with digital displays.” 

Jeff Hastings, BrightSign CEO