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We’re redefining interaction in digital out-of-home

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Reach into the next dimension of engagement

Ultraleap's technology in out-of-home
No touchscreens. No controllers. Trigger or control on-screen content using gestures, and feel virtual tactile sensations projected onto your hands. Touchless, natural, memorable, emotional.

Explore our range of solutions to transform interactive screens

TouchFree: Retrofit touchscreens with gesture control

Our TouchFree application runs invisibly on top of existing touchscreens. Add touchless gesture control to interactive kiosks without changing existing user interfaces or writing a single line of code.

Discover the possibilities

Japanese group interacting with digital ooh screen

Virtual touch, real results

Put virtual touch into brand touchpoints in out-of-home with mid-air tactile effects. Bubbles, lightning, magical sparkles, and interface controls.
Person looking at Times Square lights

Hand tracking takes out-of-home to the next level

Use gesture control to interact touchlessly with digital content. Our interactive out-of-home advertising not only addresses hygiene concerns, but significantly outperforms static screens on dwell time, attention time, and ad recall.
Hand interacting with digital screen

Touchless technology

Our touchless technologies allow you to interact without touching surfaces. Reassure anxious consumers by enabling them to interact safely and hygienically.

The results so far

Out-of-home screens with touchless interactivity outperform static screens across the board. Mid-air haptics has also been proved to add significant value over and above hand tracking alone.
ad recall
DOOH infographic centre
brand awareness
more likely to purchase

The future of digital out-of-home is here

Post the coronavirus lockdown, consumers will be craving positive connections, so brands who create the all-important wow factor will get greater cut through to emotionally resonate with audiences during this highly charged time, providing the potential to exponentially grow market share.”

Catherine Morgan, Director of Ocean Labs

Start building the next generation of memorable out-of-home experiences