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Touchless technology is the next step for self-serve kiosks

Finger interacting with a touchless technology solution instead of a public touch screen kiosk
Gesture control allows easy, intuitive touchless interaction with kiosks and appliances. We're giving consumers the touchless interaction they want today – and developing the immersive 3D interfaces of tomorrow.

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A new world of touchless gesture control

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An alternative to touchscreens

80% of consumers now think public touchscreens are unhygienic. Reassure, attract, delight, and surprise post-pandemic consumers with innovative touchless interaction.
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Better than second screen solutions

Unlike second screen solutions, there’s no need to compromise on user experience or throughput. Gesture control has minimal impact on customer journey time – and consumers prefer it.
Child interacting with Lego mid-air haptic experience

Robust, reliable, and user-tested

Our gesture control is powered by the world’s leading hand tracking. Backed up by user research and with software tools and detailed installation and design guidelines.

TouchFree application

TouchFree is our award-winning software application for interactive screens. Using an Ultraleap hand tracking module, it detects a user’s hand in mid-air and converts it to an on-screen cursor.

Consumers want touchless interfaces

A survey of over 500 participants revealed changing perceptions of public touchscreens and touchless technology post-COVID-19.
80% stat icon
now think public touchscreens are unhygienic
73 stat icon
would be likely to interact using touchless technology in the future
82 stat icon
think Ultraleap’s touchless technology is hygienic
Ultraleap skeleton hand model for Gemini V5 tracking

The world’s most advanced hand tracking

Ultraleap’s hand tracking hardware and software is the industry’s fastest, most robust, and most accurate. It powers reliable gesture control for interactive kiosks.
The Air Push interaction allows users to select a button by simply pushing forwards in mid-air.

Our flexible, intuitive Air Push gesture

We’ve developed and user-tested a unique Air Push gesture that allows you to select a button by simply pushing forward in mid-air. As your hand moves forwards, a circle moves inwards towards the central point of the cursor.
Ultraleap Camera Position Visualizer

We set you up for success

Explore our detailed installation and design guidelines.
  • Camera Position Visualizer tool
  • Camera placement guidelines
  • TouchFree user manual
  • Onboarding best practice
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The future of touchless interaction is here

The introduction of touchless screen technology across our portfolio is timely. People are understandably cautious about using any kind of touchscreen technology in public places.”

Catherine Morgan, Director of Ocean Labs

Benefits of Ultraleap’s gesture control

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A futuristic solution to consumer demands for touchless interfaces
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User experience

No need for a trade-off between hygiene and customer experience  
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Easy and fast

Intuitive, user-tested interaction with minimal impact on user journey time
Ultraleap touchfree qsr technology

Quick-Service Restaurants (QSR)

Develop touchless self-ordering kiosks with minimal impact on user journey time.

Explore our QSR demo
TouchFree touchless kiosk

Touchless ticket machines

Create a touchless ticket vending experience as easy and intuitive as using a touchscreen.

Explore our ticketing demo
Ultraleap touchless elevator button

Touchless elevators

Far more than a simple proximity sensor. Create touchless elevator interfaces that match the functionality of touchscreens or physical buttons.

Explore our elevator demo
Contactless ATM

Contactless ATMs

Withdraw money, check your balance or change your PIN without touching a public, heavily used screen.

Explore our ATM demo

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