Woman interacting with a hygiene touchless interactive kiosk

We’re making interaction safer in kiosks and appliances

Touchless Clean Safe


The cleanest interface ever

Finger interacting with a touchless technology solution instead of a public touchscreen
Operate interactive kiosks, touchscreens, elevators, appliances, and medical interfaces without touching surfaces. Gesture control powered by hand tracking and mid-air haptics makes touchless interaction possible – and effortless.

A new world of touchless controls

Woman using touchless technology instead of a public touchscreen

Evolve interactive kiosks

COVID-19 has caused a rapid change in consumer perceptions of public touchscreens. Meet consumer demands for hygienic interaction by enabling touchless operation of interactive kiosks in restaurants, stores, and venues.
Touchless elevator button

Beyond buttons

These days, no one wants to touch buttons if they can avoid it. Use gesture recognition to build future-proof controls for elevators and other appliances.
Doctors using ultraleap technology for a hygienic alternative to touchscreen

Ultra-clean medical interfaces

High-risk scenarios such as hospitals and surgeries need ultra-clean interfaces. Develop medical technology that can be operated without the need for touchscreens, keyboards or mice – and with zero risk to patients and healthcare workers.

Perceptions are changing rapidly

A recent survey of over 250 participants revealed rapidly changing perceptions in a post-COVID-19 world.
Touchless interface infographic
now think public touchscreens are unhygienic
Touchless interface infographic
would be more likely to interact with touchless displays in the future
Touchless interface infographic
think Ultraleap’s touchless technology is hygienic

The future of touchless interaction is here

“The coronavirus has made me rethink my willingness to touch things in public places. This is an unnecessary risk, so I’d rather not.

Survey participant