Environmental Policy

“Ultraleap is dedicated to prevent or mitigate the environmental impact of our operational activities, products and services to protect and ensure the sustainability of our planet.”

How we achieve this:

Ultraleap has adopted a process-based, integrated quality management system which conforms to ISO 14001:2015. It also ensures our business processes are regularly monitored, measured, and controlled to promote continual improvement in our environmental and business performances.

Whilst we focus on preventing pollution and effectively manage our environmental impacts, we are also committed to be compliant with all the legal and other requirements related to our environmental aspects in line with the needs and expectations of external and internal stakeholders.

These commitments start with senior management and extend throughout the entire organisation. The senior management team identify the environmental objectives (OKRs) which are then cascaded throughout the organisation. They are achieved through implementing environmentally sound alternatives, innovation, technical excellence, and continuous improvement.

Some of the main objectives are to reduce the carbon footprint of our business activities, reduce and improve our waste streams and to encourage sustainable travel.

This policy is communicated to all new and existing employees across the organisation and will be made available to all our interested parties if so required.

Tom Carter