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Develop VR applications with the world's best hand tracking

The developer preview kit includes the high-performance Stereo IR 170 hand tracking camera, a bespoke mount for the Pico Neo 3 Pro, plus an Android build of our world-leading Gemini hand tracking platform.

pico neo product

Option 1 (Headset bundle)

If you purchase the Ultraleap Hand Tracking Accessory as a bundle with a Pico Neo 3 Pro headset, it will come securely attached to your headset with the Stereo IR 170 camera already in place. Ultraleap’s core Hand Tracking Software will also be pre-installed on your headset.

stereo IR product

Option 2 (Separate accessory)

If you purchase the Ultraleap Hand Tracking Accessory separately, you will be provided with a detailed Installation Guide to mount your camera and install the Hand Tracking Software.

Developer Tooling

Unity and Unreal Engine

Whatever your platform, the future of interaction is just a fingertip away. Tools, utilities, and documentation to connect your applications to hand tracking data – quickly and easily.

Where to buy the Ultraleap Hand Tracking Accessory for the Pico Neo 3 Pro

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