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OpenXR logo with Ultraleap and Khronos logos

Ultraleap Joins Khronos to Help Bring Advanced Hand Tracking to the OpenXR Open Standard

Press release

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Ultraleap's automotive demo featuring finger tracking and haptic technology

CES 2020: Flying cars, tracking everywhere … and a potato

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interior of a white futuristic car

Automotive | 6 Reasons Haptics will Improve Vehicle UI

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Interacting in AR - Ultraleap stems pinch and scroll content browser

A Design Concept for a New Kind of VR/AR Content Browser

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CES show floor

Meet the Ultraleap Team at CES, LIDO 3004


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Leap Motion (Ultraleap) no gloves or VR controllers required

10 Reasons the Best VR Controller is No Controller

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Virtual Elements

Virtual Elements: The Periodic Table for Augmented and Virtual Reality

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Real hands with VR hands

Beyond Flatland: User Interface Design for VR

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