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Touchless interaction with at a museum on a large scale

Touchless takes visitors further

Touchless technology moves visitor experience into the next dimension. Enhance and redefine what’s possible.

Surprise meets delight

Interactive displays enhanced with touchless technology deepen the guest experience in museums and theme parks. Immersive, fun, memorable.

The power of touchless

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Hi-tech meets hygienic

Make visitor interactions simpler, hygienic and more immersive – with no compromise on experience.

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Magical and memorable

From character interactions to enhanced museum exhibits, create deeper connections and longer-lasting memories.

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Everyone’s welcome

Touchless technology is easy to use for all ages, and instantly accessible. No extra devices. Just a better experience.

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Unforgettable experiences

Redefine what’s possible with a visitor experience that guests simply can’t get anywhere else.

Ultraleap TouchFree

Ultraleap 3di product

Our end-to-end solution for immersive, touchless visitor experiences.

Ultraleap 3Di camera

Patented stereo infrared cameras designed for connection to public interactive screens.

TouchFree Application

Reliably track a wide variety of hand sizes and shapes, and convert hand movements to an on-screen cursor.

TouchFree Tooling

Integrate touchless as a native feature into Web or Unity applications in minutes.

Next-level visitor experiences 

Open a new world of possibility for how guests experience museums and theme parks.  

Hand using a screen without touching it

Enriched visitor journeys

From visitor check-in to wayfinding and all the way through to the gift shop, interactive displays enhance the entire guest experience.

Ultraleap out-of-home

Content with character

Stand out in line. Deepen interaction in queue managment, with more immersive experiences, mini-games, and branded environments.

Honda Pacific Visions 4D theater at Aquarium of the Pacific with Ultraleap haptic technology

4D cinema

Delight their senses. Take guests into another dimension, using touchless technology to reinvent and reshape their reality.

Lady wearing VR headset with Leap Motion Controller reaching out in front of her

Dark rides and VR

Reach new heights in VR experiences and dark rides by adding gesture control. No controllers. No touch. Just the thrill of pure play.

Visible results

Touchless technology gives guests an experience they’ll never forget. Magical. Memorable. Hard-working.

orange circle 10 million stat

visited a LegoLand theme park featuring a Ninjago dark ride with hand tracking in 2019

Orange circle 95% stat

of visitors positively rated touchless interactive screens

Orange circle 91% stat

of visitors think touchless interactivity is engaging

Product catalogue

All you need to know about going touchless: hardware, software, developer tooling options, and design guidelines.

Case studies

How touchless has transformed visitor experiences.

Honda Pacific Visions 4D theater at Aquarium of the Pacific with Ultraleap haptic technology

Aquarium of the Pacific

See how The Aquarium of the Pacific used our touchless technology to reinvent visitor interaction.

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Lego Ninjago ride

LEGO® Ninjago® x Triotech

Ride developers Triotech used our hand tracking technology to immerse guests deep in the world of LEGO® Ninjago®.

Read more
Touchless exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Cortina Productions

This award-winning experience uses Ultraleap technology to bring touchless interaction to museum and aquarium exhibits.

Read more

Who we've worked with

We’re proud to have enhanced guest experiences all over the world.

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Hand using a screen without touching it

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