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Ultraleap 3Di

High-performance, ruggedized camera for public installations

Ultraleap 3Di

Effortlessly transform your displays

The Ultraleap 3Di Stereo Hand Tracking Camera is designed to be connected to interactive screens in DOOH or retail. Easy integration of hand tracking in a ruggedized form factor for use in permanent, public installations.

Ultraleap 3Di key features

hand icon
Wide field of view and long tracking range
chain links
Robust and certified for public use
screwdriver and spanner icon
Easy connection and mounting

Part of Ultraleap TouchFree

Ultraleap 3Di is part of the TouchFree end-to-end solution – camera hardware, reliable hand tracking software, and developer tooling. Transform displays into three-dimensional, touchless, immersive surfaces.

Ultraleap 3Di Camera with hand interacting

Get started

Get full instructions on mounting, software, and all the tools needed for running your 3Di Hand Tracking Camera here.

Which hand tracking product is right for you?


Ultraleap 3Di


Stereo IR 170 Evaluation Kit


Leap Motion Controller 2

Ideal for kiosk integration and public installations
Evaluation and development prior to integration
For general tabletop (PC/Mac) and headmounted (XR) use
Product dimensions
132mm L x 32mm W x 14.5mm H
145mm L x 18.6mm W x 11.1mm H
84 mm x 20 mm x 12 mm
Certified for public use
Tracking range
Depth between 10cm to 75cm preferred, up to 1m maximum
Between 10cm to 75cm preferred, up to 1m maximum
Depth between 10 cm to 110 cm maximum
Field of view
170×170° typical field of view (160×160° minimum)
170×170° typical field of view (160×160° minimum)
160° x 160° maximum field of view
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