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Visual technology is only the beginning for XR

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Go deeper into extended reality. Reach out and touch virtual content using only your hands – just like you do in the real world. Immersive, intuitive, and effortless. We’re transforming entertainment and enterprise XR.

Discover the possibilities

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No controllers needed

Just bring your hands. They’re more acute, portable, flexible, and accessible than any piece of hardware. Industry leading hand tracking and sophisticated mid-air haptics bring the full power of natural interaction into AR and VR.
Man with AR head set, with green particles in the workplace

Streamline professional XR workflows

Effortless, intuitive interaction with no learning curve. Natural interaction in professional VR and AR workflows turbo-charges innovation, collaboration and creativity. It’s already been proven to unlock significant cost savings.

Deeper immersion, seamless out-of-home XR experiences

Look down and see your hands, reacting and moving in real time. Feel virtual worlds – lightning, fireballs, ghosts, bubbles. Or use our inside-out tracking to accurately locate more than just hands. All without having to learn controls or waste time putting on wearables.

The results so far

of guests who did a VR arcade experience with hand tracking and mid-air haptics would replay.
3 x infographic
sense of body ownership and agency when haptics was added to a VR arcade experience.
cost saving in automotive assembly line design when using a VR tool with hand tracking.

The next generation of XR is here

“For us virtual reality is all about immersion and agency. The ability to remove hand-held controllers … increased the level of both of these in our AFFECTED: The Visit experience.” 

Alex Moretti, CEO of Fallen Planet Studios

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