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Lady wearing a Vive headset with Leap Motion Controller

Grasp the true potential of XR

Ultraleap Gemini is the best hand tracking ever – giving users everywhere the power to reach out and make XR work for them

Two people wearing Varjo headset using Ultraleap hand tracking with Gemini


Most people have never tried VR, AR, or MR – hand tracking opens up a bigger, more diverse community of users.
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Lady wearing wearing Varjo XR-3 headsets

Software Developers

Users and markets of all sorts are looking beyond controllers. Hand tracking is key to XR realizing its potential.
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Lufthansa VR flight training with ULtraleap hand tracking technology

VR for Training

We learn better by doing – hand tracking empowers all staff to feel truly present in VR training, enhancing on-the-job learning.
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DreamCraft Twilight VR game

VR Arcades

VR arcades attract casual users looking for instant excitement. Hand tracking makes even those new to immersive worlds feel at home.
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Ultraleap Gemini

Superior pose accuracy

Virtual hands that match your real ones more closely than ever before.

Flexible for multiple platforms

Immerse seamlessly, whether you're developing PC VR or all-in-one headsets.

Unity, Unreal, OpenXR integrations

Whatever your platform, the future of interaction is just a fingertip away.


Our purpose-built infrared cameras push the boundaries of what can be experienced in XR.

Leap Motion Controller

Leap Motion Controller

Small, fast, and accurate. For evaluation and use as a peripheral.

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Stereo IR 170

Stereo IR 170

Our widest field of view and longest tracking range. Suitable for evaluation and integration.

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Qualcomm XR2

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ XR2

Ultraleap hand tracking is pre-integrated and optimized on the XR2 reference design.

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Explore our range of hand tracking solutions to help you realize the potential of XR. Hardware, software, developer tooling options, and design guidelines.

Tracking Technical Introduction

Learn about the fundamentals of how Ultraleap’s world-leading hand tracking works.

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Engineering at Ultraleap


Essential software and tools for harnessing hand tracking, and our lively developer community.

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Ultraleap Blocks Gemini Edition

XR Design Guidelines

Reach beyond the limits of controllers with our user experience design best practices.

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"It is to cut a long story short, perfect... Simply put, there has never been hand tracking of this quality..."

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“Ultraleap has become a leader in hand tracking, including solutions for PCs and standalone VR headsets.”

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“…the solidity of Gemini (V5) is pretty astounding…”

Hand tracking technology in virtual reality

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