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We’re powering the automotive interface of the future

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Ready to move beyond?

Inside car interior
The automotive UI of the future is 3D and multi-modal. Intuitive, emotional, and user-centred. New interface technologies mean manufacturers can now connect drivers and passengers to their vehicles in revolutionary ways.

Discover the possibilities

Person pointing their finger inside of a car

In gesture control, trust is everything

Gesture control is only effective if drivers can trust it to work – every time. Our hand tracking is the best in the world. High accuracy, reliable first-time gesture recognition, low compute requirements and easy to integrate.

Mid-air haptics – the missing piece of automotive UI

Adding mid-air haptics to gesture control is proven to reduce "eyes off the road" time and improve accuracy. It builds trust commands have been recognized and accepted. No wonder driver preference scores are over 80% higher than for either gesture control alone, or conventional touchscreens.
Man interacting with holographic automotive UI

Next-generation passenger experiences

The passenger, not the driver, is who matters in autonomous and mobility-as-a-service vehicles. XR experiences, back-seat digital screens, and passenger controls are all enhanced by intuitive mid-air interaction. Contactless, natural, memorable, emotional.

The results so far

In 2018, Nottingham University, UK, conducted an award-winning study of infotainment controls. The results speak for themselves.
of participants using gesture control and haptics made no off-road glances at all.
Increased accuracy. Gesture control + haptics resulted in 3X greater accuracy than a touchscreen.
Average reduction in glance time for haptics and gesture control compared to touchscreens.

The future of automotive is here

“Our haptic feedback solution makes the driving experience safer, by enabling drivers to keep their eyes on the road while still maintaining intuitive control of infotainment and audio systems.” 

Stefan Marti, VP, Future Experience, Harman