Leap Motion human and VR hands

The world's most advanced hand tracking

Naturalistic. Effortless. Touchless.

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Leap Motion Controller

tracking one

Small. Fast. Accurate. World-class hand tracking for anyone, anywhere. Ultraleap’s optical hand tracking module captures the movements of your hands with unparalleled accuracy and near-zero latency.


VR Developer Mount

tracking one

Simple integration, powerful interaction. Bring our world-leading hand tracking to VR systems with an attachment kit designed for Windows headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Meet your digital hands

Here’s how Ultraleap makes them feel real.

1. Unrivalled software

Your hands are intricate and nuanced. Our software is too.

Our hand tracking software captures all the subtlety and complexity of natural hand movements. It’s based on a decade of development and iteration, three generations of research in artificial intelligence and the feedback of hundreds of thousands of developers.

Fast, robust, accurate, and works on almost any computer.


It starts with a simple sensor that detects your hands.

There’s no secret to the hardware. Ultraleap’s Leap Motion Controller uses two image sensors plus infrared LEDs.

Simple, but powerful and fast.

The LEDs illuminate your hands with infrared light. You can’t see it, but our sensors can. The LEDs pulse over 100 times a second, for less than a thousandth of a second each time. Every time they do this the sensors send data back to the computer to track your hands.

4. Skeletal tracking

This is just the start. The real magic is in our skeletal tracking.

Our software uses the images to generate a virtual model of your hand movements. We model not just your palm or fingertips, but the joints and bones inside your hand. This means we can accurately guess the position of a finger or thumb, even if it’s hidden from view.


5. Interaction Engine

… and our Interaction Engine.

The virtual models of your hand movements are fed into the Ultraleap Interaction Engine. The Interaction Engine provides a unified physical interaction paradigm. Grabbing, swiping, pushing, pinching … they all become as effortless as they are in the real world.

Real interaction,
real time

6. Real-time interaction

The world’s leading hand tracking.

Our software makes digital interaction human.
It’s so fast, so smooth, they’re just … your hands.

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