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Woman and man wearing VR headset using hand tracking to interact with a holographic jet engine

Reach into the future of immersive learning

Inclusive VR training employees will never forget is at your fingertips.

We all learn better by doing

Our advanced hand tracking empowers employees to feel truly present in VR training, amplifying immersive learning.

Go beyond the expected

Hand tracking in VR training inspires new ways of training the 21st century workforce.

Immersion icon

Deeper immersion

Inspire employees to truly learn by doing by enabling natural interaction in VR training.

Hands icon

Accessible to everyone

Immediately accessible even to people unfamiliar or uncomfortable with VR controllers.

Head with heart icon

Boosts confidence

Fast, reliable initialization gives learners confidence from the very first second.

People talking icon

Richer communication

Avatars with realistic hand movements enable non-verbal communication.

Group of adults in boardroom using VR for a corporate training meeting

Corporate & HR

Reduce miscommunication, deepen trust, and build social cohesion at work. Realistic non-verbal communication in VR training transforms a range of staff training, be it sales, empathy, management, or diversity and inclusion.

Embodied Labs woman reaching


Natural interaction enables effective, accessible VR treatments for conditions such as “lazy eye” and strokes. Removing the need to use controllers opens up new ways to use VR for surgical training.

VR hands with R3DT design training


Improve success rates for procedural VR training with virtual interactions that closely mimic real-world ones. Switch fluidly between physical and virtual objects and evaluate learners’ hand movements for accuracy and timing.

Lufthansa VR flight training with ULtraleap hand tracking technology

Flight Crew

VR training is becoming a go-to for flight attendant and pilot training around the world. Hand tracking opens up new training scenarios where controllers are impractical, and makes immersive learning instantly accessible to everyone.

Ultraleap Gemini software

Superior Pose Accuracy

Virtual hands that closely match learners' real ones, no matter what the VR training scenario.

Flexible for Multiple Platforms

Immerse your staff seamlessly, whether you’re operating PC VR or all-in-one headsets.

Unity, Unreal, OpenXR integrations

Whatever your development platform, the future of immersive learning is now.


Our purpose-built stereo infrared cameras are versatile in a wide variety of environments and lighting conditions.

Leap Motion Controller

Leap Motion Controller

Small, fast, and accurate. Suitable for use as a peripheral and easy to mount onto XR headsets.

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Stereo IR 170

Stereo IR 170

Our widest field of view and longest tracking range. Suitable for integration.

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Qualcomm XR2

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ XR2

Ultraleap hand tracking is pre-integrated and optimized on the XR2 reference design for all-in-one XR headsets.

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Workplace learning your staff will never forget

VR has the power to change the way we learn – and when it comes to seeing your hands in VR training simulations, the data speaks for itself.

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flight attendants trained in VR every year

30% icon

increase in understanding of the perspective of older adults

450+ icon

eye clinics worldwide use VR to treat “lazy eye”

Is now the time to adopt VR training? [Ebook]

Download your free ebook to help evaluate if virtual reality training could deliver value for your organisation.

Lufthansa VR training


VR with hand tracking is revolutionizing training procedures for flight attendants.

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Vivid Vision man with VR head set and Ultraleap hand tracking

Vivid Vision

The use of hands in VR is reversing vision problems, and curing “lazy eye”.

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Embodied Labs

Embodied Labs

Our hand tracking is enhancing empathy and understanding of those with conditions like Alzheimer’s.

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Who we've worked with

Here are just some of the software companies, technology innovators, and global corporations we’ve supported.

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Working with Ultraleap

From plug-and-play evaluation and easy prototyping through to detailed design guidelines and integration support, we support you every step of the way to market.

Ultraleap process diagram
Group using vr for training for medical

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Find out more about how the world's best hand tracking creates transformational VR training.

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