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Join the 350,000 developers worldwide embracing the potential of natural hand movements

Hand tracking technology stack

Ultraleap hand tracking tech stack graphic

Ultraleap hand tracking is the bridge between seeing and believing in XR

Developer toolkit

Tooling and integrations for Unity, Unreal, OpenXR, and MRTK support you in developing hand tracking experiences.

Tracking software

Ultraleap Gemini’s unified neural network is generations ahead of other tracking solutions. PC VR and mobile HMDs are both supported.

Tracking cameras

Our purpose-built infrared camera modules push the limits of field of view. Provides reliable data even in challenging environments.

Plugins and integrations

Whatever your platform, the future of interaction is just a fingertip away. Tools and utilities to connect your applications to hand tracking data – quickly and easily.

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Hand tracking transforms digital content into living, breathing worlds

Inclusive icon

Inclusive and accessible

Enables new users to feel safe, at ease, truly like themselves.

Enhanced icon

Enhanced presence

Heightens immersion and brings stronger emotional connection.

Avatar icon

Lifelike avatars

Improves trust and social cohesion by making hand movements more life-like.

Hand globe icon

Natural interaction

Reach out and interact immediately and intuitively

Get Started With Hand Tracking

Ultraleap Unreal module UI

Common Workflows

Unity and Unreal Engine plugins mean you can build creatively with hand tracking without adjusting the way you already work. Both plugins now include our award-winning Interaction Engine for real-world physics.
Ultraleap skeleton hands from Unity Hands Module

Drag-and-drop hand models

Drag and drop our optimized and rigged hand models. Or, import your own customized hands and have them work with our tracking. Now available for both Unity and Unreal Engine.
Tom Carter wearing Varjo headset

Compatible across operating systems

Ultraleap Gemini works on Windows and the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset for mobile VR. There's also an Open XR integration.

Ultraleap Blocks Gemini Edition

XR Design Guidelines

Our user experience design best practices are shaped by years of experience. They’ll teach you how to prototype quickly and design creatively with hand tracking.

Explore some of our most recent applications

VR Launcher

Imagine if putting on a VR headset was as frictionless as picking up your smartphone.

Autodesk VRED with Ultraleap and Varjo

Autodesk VRED

Gemini's improved robustness means you can easily use two hands together in Autodesk VRED with Varjo.

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R3DT industrial design with ultraleap hand tracking


R3DT accelerated the process of assembly line design with an easy-to-use VR tool that unlocked a 30% cost saving.

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Speak to one of our experts

Find out more about how the world's best hand tracking can transform your projects.

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