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Ultraleap releases OpenXR integration

Posted; July 14, 2020

Today, we are excited to announce the Beta release of an OpenXR integration with our Ultraleap hand tracking technology. OpenXR is an open, royalty-free standard that provides a wide interoperability of XR apps, devices, and VR/AR platforms. As an industry-wide standard for VR and AR, OpenXR will allow developers to build software that spans a wide variety of hardware and software platforms. This is an important step that makes it significantly easier for AR/VR content to be brought to all platforms equally.

Ultraleap and OpenXR logos

With this integration, developers can now use Ultraleap hand tracking within an OpenXR application by utilising an Ultraleap tracking device mounted onto an XR headset.

Ultraleap hand tracking

This release is a preview of our full OpenXR integration, and we are calling on developers to help us to gather early feedback and bug reports, as well as share any projects that they have used the integration to build. We invite the developer community to post bug reports and issues feedback on our Ultraleap Github site, which will be used to refine, fix and further develop the OpenXR extension to integrate into the core Ultraleap SDK. For general feedback and help, our support team can be contacted at support@ultraleap.com.

The Ultraleap OpenXR integration allows developers to develop OpenXR applications with the OpenXR XR_EXT_hand_tracking extension using existing Ultraleap tracking devices.

Ultraleap hand tracking range

The library is implemented as an OpenXR API layer which adds hand tracking support when an OpenXR application is running. This API layer supports any Ultraleap tracking devices supported by the existing Leap Motion V4 Software, such as the Leap Motion Controller.

With the development and release of our Ultraleap OpenXR integration, Ultraleap hand tracking can be easily integrated into any system using OpenXR, allowing our world-leading technology to be brought to a wider audience than ever before.

Our Beta OpenXR integration is released and can be accessed on GitHub. OpenXR is a new and evolving standard. Please check the OpenXR official specifications for any recent changes.

Companies Supporting OpenXR

Companies supporting OpenXR