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Ultraleap Launches Hyperion: the next generation tracking software platform

Posted; May 8, 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • New market-leading software platform that allows Ultraleap customers to customize hand tracking to suit their unique use cases
  • Ultraleap Hyperion now allows direct camera access to the Leap Motion Controller 2 camera hardware enabling new computer vision capabilities
  • The Leap Motion Controller 2 will now include a full commercial license for Ultraleap Hyperion in order to access the features

Ultraleap, a global leader in computer vision and machine learning, today launched Ultraleap Hyperion, the successor to the company’s world-leading hand-tracking software, Gemini. 

Ultraleap Hyperion showcases a step change in the performance, power and flexibility of hand tracking. It is the world’s most flexible hand tracking platform, utilizing more than a decade of machine learning to meet customers’ specific needs and use cases. Unlike one-size fits all offerings currently on the market, Ultraleap Hyperion offers a combination of tracking models and modes to deliver a reliable, flexible solution that meets unique business needs.

Key Ultraleap Hyperion features include: 

  • Microgesture interactions: Hyperion can track small finger movements down to the millimeter, enabling subtle gestures that require minimal effort.
  • Robust to handling objects: Hyperion offers superior hand tracking while holding an object in your hand, making it perfect for mixed reality. For example, while holding a physical prop, such as a welding torch, the hand tracking remains robust.
  • Object tracking: Hyperion allows the Leap Motion Controller 2 camera to track AR Markers (also known as fiducial markers) enabling tracking of any object. 
  • Performance switching: Hyperion offers new modes that enable customers to get the best hand tracking performance for their use case. This includes a low-power mode that enables hand tracking to run with reduced power consumption and a high-performance mode that delivers accurate finger mapping with low latency when computer processing power is unrestricted. 
  • Expanded tracking capabilities: Hyperion enables direct access to the Leap Motion Controller 2 stereo IR camera hardware, expanding its use to other computer vision tasks, like depth sensing, 3D scanning, and object tracking.

Ultraleap Hyperion was designed with headset manufacturers and application developers in mind. These additional features can be selected directly within the platform, without the need for computer vision experts or software engineers. To further give the power and control back to users, the Leap Motion Controller 2 now also comes bundled with a commercial licence to automatically access these features and use them to develop, use and sell new applications.

With Hyperion, Ultraleap can further train hand tracking models for additional specific use cases and custom-tune models within days rather than months, increasing a customer’s speed to market.

Ultraleap Hyperion is also compatible with a wide range of hardware solutions, including integrated XR headset cameras for SLAM or peripherals such as Ultraleap’s Leap Motion Controller 2. It will also support the requirements of the next generation of AR/MR devices where the form factors are substantially smaller in size, for example event sensors like Prophesee’s breakthrough GenX320 metavision sensor.

Tom Carter, CEO and Co-Founder of Ultraleap said: “Our team at Ultraleap has well over a decade of experience creating innovative market-leading hand tracking solutions, and with Hyperion we raise the bar again. Thanks to our machine learning and computer vision capabilities, Ultraleap Hyperion allows users to unlock the Leap Motion Controller 2’s broader computer vision capabilities, enabling a number of new tracking possibilities for our partners and customers. I’m excited to see what will be developed with these new computer vision capabilities and to work with our partners to create the next generation of spatial interactivity!”

"Partnering with Ultraleap has truly been exceptional," said Tom Calloway, Vice President of Navigation at Globus Medical. "I've been impressed by the ongoing enhancements in their computer vision and hand tracking technology, which align perfectly with our strategic goals. Hand tracking accuracy is crucial, particularly in reflecting the real-world conditions of an operating theater. This allows us to maintain our focus on driving innovation within our company, ultimately benefiting our patients.”

Ultraleap Hyperion is available today from the Ultraleap website, Amazon and select distribution partners, bundled with the Leap Motion Controller 2 and includes a licence for commercial use. For use with other camera configurations, please contact us. Ultraleap Hyperion (v6) replaces Gemini (v5), the previous version of software. For more information, visit ultraleap.com

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