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The power of possible

Shaped to your needs

Partner with us and see your next innovation take shape

We have a world-leading team of haptic and 3D interaction design experts. They’ve mastered the exact science of integrating haptics into applications and are pioneers in 3D interaction design. We’re ready to help you turn great ideas into commercial reality.

We shape the level of partnership around your needs

From helping you hit the ground running to doing it all for you – you can choose how much or how little support you want. Some things partnerships can include are:
  1.  Exploration, development and testing of use-cases
  2. Access to SDK/API expertise
  3. Exclusive plug-and-play demos
  4. Bespoke sensation design
  5. Haptic and gesture design/UX guidelines
  6. Bespoke on-site training
  7. Haptic and spatial interaction design support
  8. Hardware and software integration support
  9. Custom array design
  10. Public demonstration licensing options for concepts
  11. Detailed product documentation and product roadmaps
  12. Priority access to new hardware and software

Here’s what some of our partners say.

“The presence of touch is extremely important in interacting with virtual objects. Just like in real life, you want to feel an object while interacting with it.” 

Maarten Tobias, CEO of Dimenco 

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As a welcome, you’ll get instant access to an exclusive whitepaper including detailed information on a range of use-cases for mid-air haptics. We’ll be in touch to let you know next steps.

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