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Gemini: Fifth-generation hand tracking platform

More robust tracking, new integration possibilities

The next generation of the world’s best hand tracking

Our fifth-generation hand tracking platform is far more flexible for different platforms and camera hardware. It’s also more robust. Key benefits of this are improved hand initialization and performance for two-hand interactions.  

Ultraleap skeleton hand model for Gemini V5 tracking

Gemini Developer Preview

Unrivalled tracking, easier integration

Gemini has now been released as a Developer Preview. We’re excited to be able to share this milestone with our developer community for early feedback.

Gemini highlights

Ultraleap Gemini Hand Tracking adaptation icon
More robust tracking across a range of measures
Ultraleap Gemini Hand Tracking headset icon
Flexible for different platforms and camera hardware
Ultraleap Gemini Hand Tracking headset icon
Develop natural and intuitive interactions

Better performance with two-hand interactions

Ultraleap Gemini V5 hand tracking comparison for two hand performance
We know reducing friction for end users unlocks enterprise use-cases. Gemini’s improved robustness means you can easily use both hands together. It enables more natural and immersive interaction with virtual objects and new wearable menus.

Improved hand initialization

Ultraleap Gemini V5 hand tracking comparison for initialization
If hands don’t appear reliably, it’s disorientating and reduces embodiment. That’s why Gemini has improved hand initialization. Add the Stereo IR 170’s wider field of view and hands will almost certainly be tracked before they come into your sight.

Engage naturally with the digital world

Hand tracking is becoming a table stakes feature in next-gen XR devices. True immersive XR experiences require seamless, natural and intuitive usage and interaction of the user’s hand when interacting in the digital world as they do in the physical world.”

Hiren Bhinde, Director of Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc

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