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Haptics automotive UI

Hosiden to bring Ultraleap’s mid-air haptics to cars of the future

Posted; July 8, 2021

8 July 2021 – Ultraleap and Hosiden have signed a development agreement which will see Hosiden integrate Ultraleap’s mid-air haptics technology in future Automotive HMI (Human Machine Interface) solutions. 

In a move that will complement Hosiden’s leading automotive capacitive touch panel business, they will work alongside their global customer base to assess and integrate innovative mid-air haptic experiences for future cars. 

Ultraleap and Hosiden logos

Ultraleap’s mid-air haptics technology is based on focused ultrasound that makes you feel like you are touching controls and shapes in open space. Hosiden’s customers will use this technology in controls and infotainment applications like music volume, temperature and navigation in a 3D, interactive mid-air environment. 

According to research by the University of Nottingham, the technology not only reduces driver distraction, but also increases driver preference and overall experience. 

Steve Cliffe, CEO at Ultraleap, said: “Hosiden have been a valued collaborator of ours for some time now and the development work both teams have made has been impressive. As a leading Japanese electronics company in the automotive industry, this agreement is a strong signal of Hosiden’s confidence in our technology and a significant milestone in driving forward Ultraleap’s automotive and mid-air haptic business.” 

Mitsuru Takigawa, Head & General Manager, Display Components Division at Hosiden, said: “Ultraleap’s technology is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for future car HMI. We are excited about the progress made so far and we cannot wait to see this great piece of tech in the cars of the future.”    

Beyond automotive applications, Hosiden will also look to commercialise and drive adoption of touchless solutions and mid-air haptics across their global consumer goods, durables and digital advertising business.  

Hand over mid-air haptic unit, Stratos Inspire by Ultraleap

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About Ultraleap
Ultraleap’s world-leading hand tracking and unrivalled mid-air haptic technologies allow you to engage with the digital world naturally - without touching surfaces. No touchscreens. No controllers. No keypads. From enhancing 2D screens to developing fully immersive 3D experiences, Ultraleap powers natural, safe and effortless digital interaction in the increasingly connected world.

Ultraleap employs more than 150 people across Europe, North America and Asia. It has become the first to offer the full vertical stack of software and hardware to enable spatial computing for the automotive, out of home, industrial, XR, entertainment and medical sectors.

About Hosiden
Hosiden is a leading comprehensive electronic component manufacturer that has been a part of the electronics industry that has revolutionized society since its establishment in 1950.

Contributing to the development of society and industry by making full use of a wide range of technological capabilities as a comprehensive electronic component manufacturer, including connecting components such as connectors and switches, acoustic components, electromagnetic components, capacitive touch panels, and composite components combining.