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Hand Tracking Accessory for Pico Neo 3

Add hand tracking to your Pico Neo 3 now

Ultraleap Hand Tracking Accessory is available now for development, proof-of-concepts and scalable deployments.

Ultraleap hand tracking accessory for Pico Neo 3 Pro
The ultimate hand tracking accessory from the world's leaders, matching the position of your virtual hands to your real ones more accurately and reliably than any other solution. Wide field of view, long tracking range, and running on our fifth-generation Gemini platform – the best hand tracking software anyone has ever shipped.
pico neo 3 product

Add Ultraleap hand tracking to the Pico Neo 3 Pro or Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye to unlock high-value use cases and bring in new users of all ages and levels of technical competency.

Using hand tracking to supplement gaming controllers expands the VR enterprise market, opening up new possibilities such as flight attendant and surgical training in VR.

Hand Tracking Accessory key features

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5th-generation hand tracking system with unified neural network
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Wide 170°x170° field of view
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Reliable tracking even in challenging environments
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Superior pose accuracy
hands icon
Tracks diverse hand sizes
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Interact with both hands together

Where to buy the Ultraleap Hand Tracking Accessory for Pico Neo 3 Pro

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